Why TikTok video is so popular in Bangladesh

Why TikTok video is so popular in Bangladesh


Tiktok is widely used in Bangladesh. This article discusses why the TikTok video is so popular in Bangladesh.


Tiktok is a social media app where people post various recreational videos. It is used by people all around the world and has become very popular in a very short time. Likewise in Bangladesh TikTok has become one of the most-used apps.

TikTok is a social media platform where one can surf various videos available and post by people all over the world. But it has been seen that TikTok videos are more popular particularly in this part of the world. There must be some reason behind it. So, here we’re going to know why TikTok is so popular in Bangladesh.

What’s the main aim of TikTok?

The main goal of TikTok is to create a platform where people can connect with each other while staying at home. TikTok also enables people to show a person’s capability to the world. This creates a community in which people interact with each other through the videos they post.

Are TikTok videos good or bad?

TikTok videos can be good and it can be bad too. It depends on the person posting and on which perspective a person is watching it. Everything has a good and bad side similarly it goes for TikTok.

Some good sides of TikTok videos are:

  • One can show his/her talents to the world.

  • Create connections with others.

  • There are some educational and awareness-related videos that help people.

  • Can get rewarded financially by creating creative or demanding videos.

Now let’s see the bad sides of TikTok videos:

  • Young people tend to misuse a lot of their time regularly.

  • Lots of TikTok videos are cringe-worthy which creates a bad environment.

  • Is very addictive.

  • Can get submerged into gaining popularity which affects life.

  • Many a time vulgar or inappropriate content is shared.

These are the main good and bad sides of it. But good or bad depends on how a person wants to use it.

What’s the reason for making TikTok videos?

One of the main reasons for making TikTok videos is to entertain common people. People look up to the content that can make them laugh. The TikTok video creators keep that in mind and they try to satisfy those people by providing funny content.

Again there’s a common mentality among people to become famous. So, a lot of people thrive daily to make new content every day with a view to becoming viral. There’s a competition among people regarding getting likes or shares.

Why are TikTok videos so popular in Bangladesh?

TikTok videos are always trending nowadays in Bangladesh. There is some particular reason behind the rise of the popularity of TikTok videos. Some of the reasons are mentioned below:

  • People want to get rid of the monotonous life for a few minutes at least. Tiktok videos take people away from this monotonous life and give a sensation of joy or recreation for a few minutes at least.

  • There are lots of funny or educational videos that become available daily so people watch them with interest.

  • Lots of creative content is available which can be a good way for time to pass.

  • A number of content creators make videos with an aim of earning what can be earned through it.

  • Can express oneself to the whole world.

  • People want to be more and more popular which creates addiction and a lot of them get addicted to making TikTok videos in this way.

Although there are maybe some minor reasons apart from these reasons mentioned here are the main reasons for TikTok videos being popular.

It has grown into the culture of a certain number of people to post new videos every day. They go to various places just to record videos and post them. This can be a matter of concern in the long run as a high amount of time is wasted and most of the contents are very cringe.

Is it a matter of concern?

Everything should have a certain limit. Similarly making and watching TikTok videos should also have limits. But it’s a worry for us that the usage of TikTok videos has gone beyond the limit. It has reached such a point that it has caught the eye of the government and they’re trying to take steps against it.

The young generation in particular is making lots of meaningless, inappropriate, and disgusting videos which are very pathetic to watch. This is degrading the culture of the country. They’re wasting hours and hours over this meaningless thing and has also created an unhealthy competition among the video makers.

Should steps be taken against it?

It is high time that the authorities or the government takes necessary steps against the high popularity of TikTok videos. It’s resulting in a waste of time, resources, and talent as well. It can be beneficial if used up to a certain amount. So, the authority should place a limit on every user’s account which wouldn’t allow users to use the app after the designated time is over.

This wouldn’t allow people to waste their time and also would reduce the number of videos a person posts every day. Thus control can be gained over them.


The world is advancing towards being internet-oriented day by day. People are now being more dependent on online platforms to contact people. Various companies are developing different social media platforms some of which are gaining popularity and others are not.

TikTok is one of them which has hit the peak of its popularity in quite a short time. The popularity of TikTok videos in Bangladesh is the highest. In this article, we tried to know why the TikTok video is so popular in Bangladesh, its effect, and the good and bad sides of it. Hope this article helps you to clear the doubt in your mind.